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My business marries my background as an educator with my skills in technology to help children and young adults progress in their communication skills, community awareness, self-motivation, and overall independence. I work with the entire family and support team to identify specific areas that will improve the client's life skills and goal achievement. I started my business to increase opportunities for neuro-divergent clients and continue to evolve my practice model to match the latest developments in the field. Areas of expertise include supporting teachers and students in the classroom to maximize learning opportunities between neuro-divergent and neurotypical students; serving as a consultant to parents who want to adapt their natural parenting styles to better meet the demands of their children’s temperament; facilitating playdates and other activities to enhance clients’ skills in connecting with other children; and tutoring children to understand their learning methods and adapt curriculums without compromising official lesson plans. I have also served as an instructor and trainer for parents and teachers, presenting workshops such as:

● Transitions that Work for Young Children
● Encouragement vs. Praise
● Art, Your Child

● Your Home and You
● Dramatic Play for Young Children
● Problem Solving: An Informed Approach.


Additional Experience

Provided early childhood education at The Little School, one of the most prestigious full-inclusion preschools in San Francisco. Developed typical and emergent curriculum, created and implemented innovative art programs for all students, and led class meetings and special group activities including music, movement, and creative expression.

Art Instructor
Created and taught private home-based art classes for four years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Projects were designed to foster creative expression and divergent thinking, as well as basic color theory, form, texture and other fundamentals of art.

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 1995 to 1997
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology
Graduated Cum Laude
Classes focused on psycholinguistics, early child behavior and development
Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA 1993 to 1995

Associate Arts Degree
Classes focused on art and early childhood education
Continued education at San Francisco City College, Portland State University and Portland City

References available upon request.

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"When someone just says on paper that they taught people to do laundry and change sheets, it
may not seem like much. The magic is in the details of how it is taught."

Father of 16yrs old neurodivergent daughter

Somatic Behavioral Coaching