“There is no prescribed plan or set program in what I do for clients.
I’m listening to hear where they want to go. 

My job is to figure out how to get there.”


Somatic Behavioral Coaching and Problem Solving

My business started 11 years ago when I married my background as an educator with my skills in technology to help children and young adults progress in their communication skills, community awareness, self-motivation, and overall independence.  But something was missing, the body, more specifically the nervous system.  Somatic Behavioral Coaching and Problem Solving was born 4 years ago when I combined, teaching/coaching, technology and the body.  Growth comes from knowing yourself and how your body and mind work, it is easy when they work together but what happens when they work against each other?  Hopefully you have someone who can relate or teach you skills and strategies but what if you don’t? This where I flourish and this is my life’s work.

I have always worked with the entire family and support team, never in an office, always on site. This always felt more authentic to me. I started my business to increase opportunities for neurodivergent clients and continue to evolve my practice model to match the latest developments in the field with special attention to what the neurodivergent youth and adults are advocating for.

My focus has always been on the individual not on the diagnosis.  After 20 years of working with neurodivergent and neurotypical children and adults I realized each person deserves to be seen as an individual, no expectations or preconceived notions.

I have many areas of experience and expertise including being a teacher of a 4/5 year old classroom; teaching art that focused on the process not the product; supporting other teachers and students in the classroom; serving as a consultant to parents who want to adapt their natural parenting styles to better meet the demands of their children’s temperament; facilitating playdates and other activities to enhance clients’ skills in connecting with other children; tutoring children to understand their learning methods; adapting curriculums without compromising official lesson plans and many more.  I also step out of my comfort zone from time to time and present workshops, my latest being, The iPad: A Tool for Independence.

On a personal note, I am dyslexic.  This is something I discovered my last year in college, growing up not knowing has helped me relate to my clients. Humans will do creative things to compensate when one's neurology doesn’t match the neurotypical expectation. Some of the things help and some of them don’t but the fact that our minds and bodies try is amazing!

All of this led me to this and I am grateful to be here.

References available upon request.


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"When someone just says on paper that they taught people to do laundry and change sheets, it
may not seem like much. The magic is in the details of how it is taught."

Father of 16yrs old neurodivergent daughter

"As a parent of an adult with different abilities, I treasure the guidance from Cambier Consulting. After 10 years of research, therapies, programming, schooling, IEP-ing, I detached myself from the process and let the professionals do their job. Now, aa a parent with an adult who has nowhere to go, we are on our own. Elizabeth has patiently guided back into an interactive relationship with my son that has redeveloped my ability to slow down enough to listen to his needs, honor his requests, and find a level of independence for both of us."

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