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Did you know back in 2009 I started a side business helping neurodivergent children and adults use the iPad?

Innovating out of necessity, I devised various solutions to make iPads more user-friendly for my clients. From crafting home button covers to designing gloves with the pointer finger exposed for precise interaction, every invention aimed to enhance accessibility. Additionally, I explored different pens compatible with iPads, ensuring that even individuals with specific motor skills could comfortably navigate these devices. Through this process of invention and adaptation, I not only found fulfillment in supporting others but also gained confidence in my technological abilities.

While my business focus has evolved over the years, the impact of those early endeavors remains significant. Though the iPad may not be the primary focus of my current work, it undeniably plays a crucial role in supporting my clients. Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunity to have bridged the accessibility gap in technology while simultaneously conquering my own apprehensions. This journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and the profound influence it can have on both individuals and communities.

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