Whether the goal was initially described by the client, a parent, a teacher or a job coach, I understand that clients themselves must understand the importance of their actions and what is possible with patience/diligence. I know how to internally motivate each individual to progress toward the lifestyle they desire.


  • Kitchen skills: cooking, recipe building, menu planning, shopping
  • Chores: making the bed, taking out the garbage, cleaning the house
  • Scheduling: maintaining a calendar, managing free time, executive functioning skills
  • Self-care: grooming, showering, medication

Example: placing marks on the stove and shower, so client can set the right temperatures on their own, allowing them to relieve stress and focus on the task.


  • Communication: interacting with supervisor and coworkers
  • Scheduling: reporting to work on time and remembering their daily schedule
  • Independence: phasing out the need for a job coach by using an iPad to help clients remember individual tasks and related steps
  • Confidence: holding a conversation with colleagues or strangers (learning flexibility and representing their own interests)

Example: Use QR codes to prompt client to implement the correct workflow at each workstation


  • Independence: going for walks, visiting the library or other regular locations; using multiple transportation modes and accessing locations
  • Quality of life: inviting friends for activities/socializing
    Confidence: learning to navigate new spaces
  • Family assistance: helping family members feel comfortable as the client’s independence grows
  • Advocating: Representing a client’s needs regarding an allergy with community members in person, by phone or email.

Example: Shooting and creating videos onsite to later reflect, to see “problems” with the environment or lacking skills, and find ways to teach or support so the goal can be achieved.

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