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On our vacation to Canyonlands UT I found myself in a difficult, uncomfortable experience and it gave me pause and a learning opportunity because I found myself doing the exact same thing one of my clients does.   The wind was blowing, gusts up to 60 mph,  and the camper was rocking back and forth and my nervous system was activated.   I was trying to read, fill my time, but all I wanted to do was check the time on my phone.   I asked my body “what kind of reassurance do you need?” “ I need to know this will be over.” I could say that and I could trust it. I was still uncomfortable but I was smiling. 

It’s natural to feel like time is moving slowly when you are uncomfortable. It can be tempting and/or reasonable to constantly check the clock or countdown the minutes until the experience is over. However, this can actually make the experience feel even longer and even more unbearable and uncomfortable.  Learning to trust that time will pass, learning to fill your  time as you wait and that the uncomfortable feeling will also go away, these are skills that so many of my clients are missing and ones that are so important to creating a life with more ease.

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