Accepting the Facts: Navigating Client Decisions

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In my line of work, I’ve often encountered clients who find themselves stuck in a cycle of saying no to various requests or situations.  How do we move forward?  Well first we must “accept the facts” and then acknowledge out feelings and one crucial aspect of my approach is emphasizing that clients are not obligated to comply with my requests.  It is their choice but they must accept the facts as they are and recognize that different outcomes arise from the choices they make. Understanding this is key to moving forward and autonomy. 

For instance, consider a simple scenario where I ask a client to do the dishes before we can play a game. The client is not forced to do the dishes, but if they want to enjoy the game, completing this task becomes a necessary step. This situation underscores the importance of accepting the facts and making informed decisions. By recognizing the link between actions and outcomes, clients can navigate their choices more effectively, leading to more autonomy and self empowerment. 

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