Navigating Liminal Space: Embracing Transitions with Grace

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Transitions can be challenging for many of us, and during a recent session with a client, the topic of “transitions” came up. We noticed that his body seems to resist transitions, simply leaving his house is hard for his body to do and it takes bravery and effort. During a parent meeting, I was introduced to a fascinating concept – “liminal space.” As it turns out, my client’s struggle with transitions is not unique; we all encounter liminal space to some extent in our lives. I am always amazed that what my clients experience is often a micro expression of what neurotypical people also experience and struggle with. The key to dealing with this is to learn how to move through it with grace and intentionality, rather than merely tolerating it.

Liminal space, as I discovered, refers to that in-between phase where we find ourselves neither here nor there. It’s the state of ambiguity and uncertainty that accompanies transitions – a concept well explained in a Forbes article I came across (“What Is Liminal Space?”). Understanding this concept can be a game-changer in how we approach and manage transitions in our lives. Instead of resisting the discomfort of change, we can acknowledge and explore the unique opportunities that liminal space offers.

Learning to navigate liminal space with grace is a skill worth acquiring. It’s not about following a one-size-fits-all approach but rather tailoring strategies to suit individual needs and preferences. This approach stands in contrast to the traditional method of simply tolerating transitions. By delving into the specifics of how to handle liminal space, we can empower ourselves and others to embrace change, grow, and thrive. So, whether you’re helping a client through transitions or facing your own, remember that there are valuable tools and insights available to make these periods of change more manageable and meaningful.

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