Accepting the Facts: Navigating Client Decisions

June 19, 2024 /

In my line of work, I’ve often encountered clients who find themselves stuck in a cycle of saying no to various requests or situations.  How do we move forward?  Well first we must “accept the facts” and then acknowledge out feelings and one crucial aspect of my approach is emphasizing that clients are not obligated…

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A regulated prediction vs. worry

May 1, 2024 /

In our journey towards self-regulation, making predictions can be a powerful tool. But here’s the thing: not all predictions are created equal. There’s a difference between a regulated prediction and plain old worry prediction. As a somatic behavioral coach, I often guide my clients through this distinction. Regulated prediction involves a thoughtful assessment of potential…

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Innovating out of necessity

March 28, 2024 /

Did you know back in 2009 I started a side business helping neurodivergent children and adults use the iPad? Innovating out of necessity, I devised various solutions to make iPads more user-friendly for my clients. From crafting home button covers to designing gloves with the pointer finger exposed for precise interaction, every invention aimed to…

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Reframing ‘Masking’ vs. ‘Functioning’

January 10, 2024 /

I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole masking concept and the labels “high functioning” and “low functioning.” I am inspired to do a reframing based on a facebook post I saw. The woman in one of my groups said, “I’m ditching the term ‘high functioning.’ It’s just too limiting and doesn’t really fit where…

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Understanding Dynamic Interactions: Navigating Different Roles in Personal Relationships

November 7, 2023 /

In the realm of personal and professional connections, interactions can often take on varied forms, shaping the way we communicate with one another. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the multifaceted nature of these interactions, especially in the context of my work with clients. One of my clients, in particular, experiences a range of communication styles…

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I am going to try it.

November 1, 2023 /

I’ve heard of this product, Sensate. Basically it’s a device that promotes relaxation and mindfulness through the power of sound and vibration therapy, using cutting-edge technology with the principles of ancient healing practices. I’m very intrigued and curious.  I’ve asked to borrow one for a bit, as it’s pretty expensive. I want to see what…

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An important tip for using Prologuo2goImportant with smart devices

October 4, 2023 /

Prologuo2go, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app, offers a fascinating and innovative way to interact with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. By programming specific commands with careful attention to punctuation and spacing, users can engage in call-and-response interactions with Alexa. For example, you might input a command like “Alexa. Play Shake it Off…

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Spoon Theory

October 4, 2023 /

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel like you can conquer the world, while on others, even the simplest tasks seem like monumental challenges? I was introduced to the Spoon Theory years ago by a friend, and I believe it offers a fascinating framework for understanding and assessing our daily energy levels. During…

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Prediction and Expectation

September 19, 2023 /

In my sessions lately, I’ve noticed these two words popping up a lot: “prediction” and “expectation.” It started when we introduced a matching game, and it’s been a real eye-opener. One of my clients wants it to be easy. He’s all about having the same number of items, same categories, and the cards with matching…

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Navigating Liminal Space: Embracing Transitions with Grace

September 14, 2023 /

Transitions can be challenging for many of us, and during a recent session with a client, the topic of “transitions” came up. We noticed that his body seems to resist transitions, simply leaving his house is hard for his body to do and it takes bravery and effort. During a parent meeting, I was introduced…

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